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The Aliveness Oasis

Take a break from all the all the lives you've been told to live - explore aliveness on your own terms

You're going to become who you are

Why wait?

Don't just trust your gut,

Train trustworthy gut instincts

We're all a little out of practice - but that doesn't have to be forever.

Don't just think with your head

Recover Spontaneous natural intelligence

There's more to intelligence than linear cognition - deepen into embodied cognition, environmental cognition, heartful mythopoetic cognition... remember how to think with your whole being, not just as an isolated head.

Don't just live by rote

Be a live player

Flex the courage and discernment you need to do things you've never done before - to do things no one has ever done before.

Sed umbra

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Course Info

The Aliveness Oasis is a 6 week self-guided, self-paced cohort. How does that work, being self-guided within a group cohort?The course is divided into 5 topic areas, and each of those topics is organized to allow different depths of study. If you want to dip in and spend 1 hour on a section, there are materials for that. If you want to spend a full year deep-diving into only that section and ignoring the others, there are materials for that.What's important is that you find the parts of the course that spark your interest and curiosity, and you explore them as deeply as you want, while the community and weekly meetings provide you support and scaffolding.

Courting Aliveness

5 sections

The center of the course really comes down to a single move: waking up spontaneous natural intelligence, and aligning it with our systematic, everyday mind. (If you're a McGilchrist fan, you might refer to this as "balancing the right and left hemispheres.")We'll be practicing and navigating that move across 5 domains:

  • Perspective

  • Heart

  • Awareness

  • Symbol

  • Embodiment

Each week, our group meeting will focus on one of the five, giving brief context and a group practice.Outside of those group meetings, you have access to all 5 sections at all times, and you can choose for yourself how you'd like to explore them, and for how long.